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Welcome to the Kingdom of Red Spinels and Gems from Earth, a rare place on the planet where you will find a wide range of fine quality, beautiful red spinels, rubies, sapphires and other rare and exquisite gems.

Since 2001, the Kingdom of Red Spinels has specialized in buying and selling one of the most rare gems on earth: the red spinel. For hundreds of years, the red spinel has adorned crowns of royalty. It was not until recently, science and technology discovered that what was believed to be rubies in some the crowns of royalty, were actually red spinels.

Our owner and buyer, Antoine Hoang, purchases rough form spinels directly at the source in the provinces of Luc Yen and in Quy Chau, North Vietnam. These two locations produce some of the finest quality gemstone in the world. Buying direct at the source provides a two-fold advantage, to you, our customer. As a direct source buyer, Mr. Hong has first option to select and purchase only the finest of the mine`s rough production. Buying at the source also provides a distinct price advantage. All spinels purchased through Kingdom of Red Spinels and Gems from Earth are completely natural with no treatment of any kind, unless specified.

Being a direct source buyer has provided other advantageous gemstone buying avenues for us. We can also offer the public other Vietnam specific gems including cobalt-blue "windex" spinel, amazonite, tourmaline, and melo pearl at exceptional quality and value. Each of our gemstones is selected for its rarity, beauty, size, color, clarity and potential to appreciate in value over time.

We are committed to maintaining our high standards and offerings expected by our customers and are confident that the quality and value of all of our gemstones will meet your standards. For any reason, if you are not 100% delighted with your purchase from us, you can return it within thirty days for a full refund.

We hope you enjoy your tour of our website. Thank you for visiting with us.

American Sales Contacts:

David Perry is an experienced faceter who works with jewelers and jewelry designers throughout the United States. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, David can be reached at 508.451.2634.

Gary Dutton is a well-established gemologist. Gary lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and can be reached at Duttons Diamonds or by phone at 954.789.2013.

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